Action Needed to Autoresponders

We Make some changes in autoresponders integrations that need you to do some actions if you import sequences before 25 Jun 00:30 :


NOTE: If you had Active Campaign and you now use Aweber don’t forget to turn off AC integration, at the end of this tutorial we tell you how.


if you have Aweber:


Need to change the tag for the English Campaign Email Sequence.

Need to change tag from msilead to msileaden

Here is how:


Step 1: Got to messages and click in campaigns

Step 2: Click in the MSI LEAD EN

Step 3: Click Trigger campaign when these tags are applied:

Delete tag msilead and introduce msileaden


That’s it



If you have Active Campaign

you need to change all 4 automations and change the tag name that initiate the sequence.

Step 1: Go to Active campaign MSI Integration

Step 2: Click in save changes button this will create all new tags needed

Step 3: go to automations and click the automation you want to change


Step 4: click in start this automation

Step5: Change the tag to msileaden orĀ  msileades, msileadpt, msileadru depending the automation you are editing and click save start


Step 5: Repeat this to all automations


That’s it



If you had Active campaign integration and you start using Aweber you need to turn off the Active campaign MSI integration

Step 1: Go to Active campaign MSI Integration

Step 2: Turn off active campaign

Step 3: Click in save changes button