Here is the list of all the lead capture pages you can use:

You can use two parameters:

ad=xxxxx, where xxxxx is the tracker name you want to have, (no spaces), that way you know what advertise effort, this visitor brings, we advise you to never publicly publish a lead capture page without tracker information.

redirect=xxxx where xxxx is the sales page you want to redirect in the thank you page if you don’t put this parameter by default it goes to vsl1

With this redirect parameter, we don’t need to duplicate every lead capture page to every funnel, you can simply use any lead capture page to any sales page we want, even your own sales page in an external domain that doesn’t belong to the MSI pages.


Example :

[MSI_hostname]/lpen001?ad=fbad1&redirect=envsl2   (MSI page name in the redirect)

[MSI_hostname]/lpen001?ad=fbad1&redirect=   (any link you want in the redirect page)


You can even change the defaults of any page (IF YOUR HAVE YOUR OWN DOMAIN ONLY ):


List : you can change to another autoresponder list

Tag : you can send any tag you want and with that fire a different email sequence.


Here are the list of all tags we use in MSI, but you can create your own in your autoresponders, or you can change one specific page that are prepared to promote forsage for example and change it to promote beurax or other MSI Income Stream and vice versa.

Lead capture pages (one per language) forsage tron:






Members registered in MSI (one per language):






Portuguese Lead Magnet free course:



English Lead Magnet Crypto Formula:

msileadcryptoformulaen – when they register in lead capture page of the course ( )


If you look in a specific page where it says Tag default you will see what Income stream this page promotes by default.


Destination page (redirect) : in the thank you page [MSI_hostname]/enthks  after the optin if you have set single optin in your msi profile, it show the button for the next page (usually a sales page like  [MSI_hostname]/envsl1


Click on the page name to see it.