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We were Super Super Super Busy working for all of you and we are proud to announce :


1 . We finish integration between MSI and Aweber

It’s an easy step by step process and you have all lead captures pages integrated, all your personal MSI members will go to your aweber list , all lead magnet capture pages will go to your aweber list.

We send you different tags so you can send different email sequences, for example you can have an email sequence for leads another to members, another for members that register in our leads magnets, so you can really sophisticate your follow up as you want.

15 Emails sequence in 4 different languages that are ready to use and very easy to personalize with your links and contact information.

you can see here how to integrate Aweber to MSI


2 – We start to follow up by email all members in the 4 different languages and help you to convert them in to buyers


3 – We have a new Lead Magnet for Portuguese market, a course called “How to Undertake on the Internet Starting from absolute Zero”

For them to access the course they have to register in MSI and we know they came from this course, so we send this lead to your autoresponder with tag “msiformleadmagnet1pt”

We will follow up this leads for you too.

You can access this lead magnet course for free in main menu -> courses :

you can learn how to use this lead magnet in :


4 – New Facebook Training

I teach how to use “Facebook Lead forms” , because facebook don’t like short lead capture pages and by experience I use this technique for long time to produce 1000’s of leads.

I teach step by step how to make an add using our lead magnet free course.

You can access it in : Main menu Promote -> Paid Traffic -> Facebook ads :


5 – New Super Training from Paulo Barroso called “Massive Traffic Formula”



In this course Paulo Barroso talk about the foundations of his success : Massive Traffic Domination!

If you follow the simple but Powerful steps that Paulo talk about in this course, you will start an incredible journey in your Internet Marketing Career.

This Course was recorded in an Internet Marketing event that people payed 1000’s to attend.

This Course will be available (for free) only for People that have X3 and X4 slot 7 in Forsage and are in Silvio Fortunato’s Downline Team (Paulo Barroso’ s Team is included on Silvio’s Team).

If you are qualified please ask please talk in chat with MSI support to give you access.


You can access this course in Main Menu -> Courses -> Massive Traffic Formula:

or in Main Menu PROMOTE -> Paid Traffic -> Learn Paulo Barroso Massive Traffic Formula


6 – We finish the Spanish Funnel

You have lead captures pages, sales pages, emails sequences all in Spanish, and all MSI Backoffice in Spanish !

You can see all pages here :


7 – We Finish Russian Funnel

You have lead captures pages, sales pages, emails sequences all in Spanish, and all MSI Backoffice in Spanish !

You can see all pages here :


I think I don’t need to tell you how much investment and work we had to do to to have 4 Full Languages in MSI !


Thanks to all Team Leaders and all the MSI Staff that work so hard to achieve this !



Silvio Fortunato



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How do I find this information?

How do I find this information?

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