New Product/Income Stream added to Mavie Global

Mavie Global add a New Product/Income Stream called FLIP ME !

It’s a complete and revolucionary Banking System and you have the chance to be and investor and collect up to 10x Dividends,


Check Everything in 321 ignition -> Step 2 :


VERY IMPORTANT: If you already register in Mavie (maybe when we promote Lottodays) don’t register again, just login in mavie backoffice and go to payment hubs e buy your NFT


As usual when we add a new income stream we build the Aweber Email Sequences , so if you have MSI PRO and Aweber connected to MSI you should add this 3 new sequences:


EN – 312a1246-c6a4-40df-b973-b0cab6fa2605 – tag msileadflipmeen (FLIPME)

PT – 14418e75-a153-4e03-a95b-0fd3bee277e5 – tag msileadflipmept (FLIPME)

ES – da66ab89-e9e3-43bb-812c-3c611cd90ed5 – tag msileadflipmees (FLIPME)


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How do I find this information?

How do I find this information?

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